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8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Crepaway Nigeria.

Before its introduction to Nigeria in 2019, CREPAWAY as a restaurant had already made a name for itself on the global stage. Since its inception in LEBANON, in 1984, The brand has kept its word by delivering quality meals, a fun environment, and a reputation for being a trendy restaurant with modern sophistication. CREPAWAY may have been founded in LEBANON but it has since made its way to QATAR, IRAQ, and now NIGERIA.

No doubt, its introduction in Lagos, Nigeria will bring about happiness, satisfaction, and a healthy food-loving relationship that will last a lifetime. For now, here are the top 8 reasons why visiting CREPAWAY Nigeria should be at the very top of your to-do list.

1- Quality Meal

The first and most important reason why you should be visiting any restaurant is the food. The food at CREPAWAY is awfully good and if you do make your way there, you should definitely try the crêpes. The crêpes at CREPAWAY are arguably the best and like you may have already guessed, it is what brought about the name “CREPAWAY”. They may have gained popularity because of their crêpes but that’s not the only delicious dish they have to offer. They offer three main courses which consist of the main dish, a light menu, and appetizers. All of which will have a long-lasting effect on your taste buds. Plus their Salad, Burgers, Sandwiches, and Pasta will shake you off your seat. But hey, don’t take my word for it, give it a try.

2- Ambiance

You might not agree with me, but the ambiance of a restaurant is as important as the food. You cannot boast of having the full dining experience of a restaurant without enjoying the little things like colors, lights, music, and of course, the view. CREPAWAY NIGERIA gives you all of that and more. From the entrance to the rooftop, you get to enjoy the natural feeling of nature coming from the many flowers in and outside of the restaurant. The furniture placement is perfect with the dining place just before the bar and just next to the staircase that’ll take you to the rooftop.

Have you ever eaten crispy chicken while listening to the smooth sound of quality music? I don’t mean anyhow Music, I mean hit songs from the 2000s to the 2010s. If you sit long enough at CREPAWAY you’ll hear everything and experience the feeling. When I said CREPAWAY is a trendy restaurant with modern sophistication, I wasn’t joking. If you look at their walls, you’ll find various art pieces with a lot of history but that’s not all you’ll find. You’ll also find jerseys of your favorite football clubs hanging on the wall. The feeling at CREPAWAY is unique and there’s always this urge to take a picture of yourself and your dish in their beautiful two-story building. It’s hard to come to CREPAWAY and leave on time. Everyone who comes always wants to stay for a while.

3- Location

One of the fundamentals of doing business is figuring out the best location to place your business. In that regard, they nailed it. CREPAWAY is located at 1089, Adeola Odeku Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. Lagos is a state known as the center of excellence and the commercial trade zone of Nigeria. In other words, it is a state filled with people of diverse ethnicity, origin, and needs. In Lagos, you’ll find people from all over the world and that’s why it is the perfect place for CREPAWAY, a restaurant established to unite people of different cultures and backgrounds through food and efficient service. As for the environment, there’s no better place to establish a four-star restaurant in Lagos than Victoria Island.

4- Quality Service

It’s hard to see a waiter or waitress sitting down in CREPAWAY. They are always on the move and are always putting on a smile. From their faces, you can tell how happy and proud they are to serve their customers. Every customer is special at CREPAWAY and regardless of societal status, everyone is treated in the same manner. There are no discriminations or exceptions.

5- Lifestyle

When it comes to Lagos, lifestyle is very important to its residents. Lagosians put in a lot of effort to keep up and live a “tush” lifestyle. They say the best places in town are filled with popular celebrities and will always pop up on social media. CREPAWAY Nigeria is a favorite spot for artists and celebrities and you’ll always see images of the restaurant on Instagram. A lot of music videos have been shot at CREPAWAY including big-time birthday parties. So if you’re looking for a place where you’ll eat across the table from your favorite celebrities, CREPAWAY is the place to be.

6- Varieties

At first glance, CREPAWAY looks like a casual restaurant but it’s more than just a restaurant. Not just in a satisfactory manner but in what it actually offers. CREPAWAY isn’t just a diner for food, it’s also a spot for business appointments, office get-togethers, and Birthday parties. For events like these, you have the option of having CREPAWAY prepare your favorite cuisine so you can enjoy quality time with your friends, team, and family.

7- Private Lounge

Enjoy exclusivity with the CREPAWAY private lounge. At CREPAWAY, your privacy is always respected. You can have private board meetings, presentations, conferences, book launches, and even a retreat at will in the private lounge. In there you’ll find a large screen that can project whatever you want to watch. There’s also free WiFi and a comfortable working space for you and your team.

8- Kid’s Corner

What makes CREPAWAY such a unique place to be is that it takes into account people of different age groups. You don’t have to be an adult to visit CREPAWAY and you don’t need to leave your kids at home when visiting either. CREPAWAY has made it possible for you and your kids to have two different kinds of fun at two different locations. While you’re downstairs downing a Hennessy or Martini, your kids can be upstairs in the kid’s corner swinging on the ropes with their friends. The kid’s corner is filled with different kinds of toys and games that are enough to keep your kids happy and on their best behavior.

Bottom Line

Make no mistake, there are still plenty of reasons why you should visit CREPAWAY Nigeria but I’ll leave it at eight. I don’t know what it is you’re looking for in a restaurant, but if you want one where the dine-in concept is centered around the quality of food and a feel-good atmosphere, then you can’t go wrong with CREPAWAY.

Article Written By: Olabode Olamide Israel

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