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Favour’s Pot African Meals: Your Best Meal Plug In Lagos

Favour’s Pot African Meals is one food plug we all need in our lives as Lagosians. There is no doubt that living in Lagos can be stressful: from having to wake up really early, to returning home late at night. Such a lifestyle can make one easily resort to junk foods because let’s face it: who has the time or energy to prepare home-made meals at 4 a.m or 11 p.m every day? This is why we all need Favour’s Pot African Meals.

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About Favour’s Pot

Favour’s Pot African Meals was founded in September 2020 by Favour Utulu Wilfred. It is an online restaurant that serves a wide variety of African dishes such as Ofe Nsala (White Soup), Banga, Okra and Ogbono soups, Native Jollof rice, Abacha and so much more. Although the business operates from Ajah, Lagos; meals are delivered to all parts of the Island and some parts of the Mainland. The restaurant is open from Mondays to Saturdays between 8 a.m and 6 p.m.

Now you might wonder, what is so special about this online restaurant? The answers  are highlighted below:

1- Guaranteed Taste, Quality, And Freshness

Favour’s Pot has a made-to-order policy, which means that meals are only prepared when an order is made. Therefore, you can rest assured that your food will be delivered hot and fresh, with a tantalizing aroma that will make you feel like you are eating straight out of your Grandma’s pot!

2- Timely Delivery With Favour’s Pot

When it comes to ordering cooked meals online, a major downside is waiting hours for your order to be delivered. This can be discouraging and frustrating especially when you have a growling stomach to fill. However, with Favour’s Pot, you do not need to worry about this, as there is always a dispatcher ready to ensure your food is delivered on time.

3- Favour’s Pot is Affordable

Since its inception, this restaurant has consistently proven to us that we do not need to break the bank to enjoy healthy, traditional meals. The affordability of each dish is quite remarkable, especially when its quality is put into consideration. Another interesting tip is the fact that you get a discount when you order in large quantities.

4- Home Service

Convenience is a lifestyle we all crave for. Imagine being home on a weekend (or any other day for that matter) relaxing, while a hired cook is in your kitchen putting together all your favorite meals. Amazing, right? This is an experience you can get with Favour’s Pot African Meals, coupled with top-notch professionalism and quality customer service.

5- Lots of Variety at Favour’s Pot

Looking at Favour’s Pot menu list alone will have you drooling on your shirt. The variety of dishes available to choose from is so captivating, that selecting just one dish might make you suffer from F.O.M.O (Fear Of Missing Out). In fact, once you have made your order, you may not realize you just gulped down five different meals until you are picking your teeth and belching your way to a long, satisfying nap.

Reach Out Today

At this point, you’re probably eager to connect with Favour’s Pot so as to have a taste of some of the mouth-watering delicacies on her menu and that’s totally understandable. To place your order, you can easily reach out via phone call: 08067109737, or Instagram: @favours__pot_africa_meals, and you’ll be glad you did.

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